Where are you based?

We currently have 2 teams working for the YRW. We have the editorial staff, which is based in Europe, and the other team of Yemenis working as authors and volunteers, mostly based in Sana’a.

Does the YRW support the “houthis”?

Yes and no. We are not partisan or loyal to any specific political party in Yemen. But we support any party and any organization who takes part in the fight against aggression, exploitation and invasion. Be it the Houthis, the GPC or the Socialist Party. These parties are united under the Supreme Political Council, and that is what we support.

Do you support terrorism?

Absolutely not. We condemn terrorism to its fullest, and we want to see terrorists punished for their crimes. But this is said while stressing that resistance shouldn’t be considered terrorism either. Resistance, by any means necessary, is fully legitimate.

Are you funded by any foreign government?

Absolutely not. We are fully independent and non-profit. Most of the expenses we have had, has been paid with money from our own pockets. That is why people should check out our patreon, if they want to contribute with a monthly fee.

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