Diplomatical delegation of Yemeni revolutionary government arrives in Germany

SANA’A, YEMEN – In an event that will go down in history as ground-breaking and possibly a turning point in Yemen’s struggle for freedom, a delegation of Ansarullah representatives that was sent by the Supreme Political Council of the Yemeni Republic, has arrived in the German capital of Berlin for international negotiations with European powers.

Led by Ansarullah spokesman Mohamed Abdel Salam, the Yemeni delegation has broken through the Saudi coalition’s attempts to internationally isolate the Yemeni resistance, and has arrived in one of the major capitals of the European continent.

A source within the delegation said to Yemen Press that the delegation arrived in Berlin on Saturday, and is scheduled to meet with a number of officials from the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs. During these meetings, the diplomats will give voice to the wishes and demans of the Yemeni people, and lay out a comprehensive peace proposal that the Supreme Political Council in Sana’a has written up.

The delegation’s sources also mentioned that they have received invitations from a number of European and Arab countries to visit their capitals, in the framework of international efforts to move towards peace and justice for Yemen.

The visit to Germany marks an extremely important development in the breaching of Yemen’s international isolation at the hands of the Saudi-led coalition of aggression. Germany, the foremost economic and political power on the European continent and home to several highly advanced weapons manufacturing companies, announced earlier this week that it had banned any and all weapons shipments to Saudi Arabia and all other nations that are waging war against Yemen. This decision marked a radical and notable change in European geopolitics, that is normally of a very pro-Saudi nature.

The visit of the Yemeni delegation started off in late January, with a visit to the Omani capital of Muscat, and continued on towards Tehran in early February. While the exact schedule has not been published, Supreme Political Council member Abdulmalik al-Ajri has stated that a large number of Arab and European nations are on the agenda.

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