Extremely graphic footage: Saudi airstrike massacres children in refugee camp

SANA’A – In what children’s rights organisation UNICEF calls “one of the deadliest attacks on children since the conflict in Yemen escalated in March 2015”, a total of seven innocent Yemeni children have been horribly massacred by Saudi airstrikes.

During a series of aistrikes by the Saudi coalition on a camp for internally displaced refugees in the coastal city of Hodeidah, a total of 14 people were killed. Seven of them were children, of which several were newborn infants.
Rescuers struggled for hours to retrieve the bodies from the rubble on the site of the attack.

The attack, that took place on Monday, was followed by an additional strike on civilian housing in Saada on Tuesday. During this attack, six civilians were killed, including one pregnant woman.

Saudi Arabia has been carrying out murderous attack on Yemen’s civilian population since March 2015, with material and direct intelligence support from the United States of America.

The below footage shows the results of the refugee camp attack, and comes from Yemen Press. Yemen Resistance Watch would like to ask readers to exercise caution when watching below pictures, as they are extremely graphic and gruesome.

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