General People’s Congress Chairman calls for unity against Saudi-led invasion

Sheikh Sadeq Ameen Abu Rass, Chairman of the General People’s Congress, has called for unity of all political forces loyal to the revolution, in order to collectively defeat the Saudi-led coalition that is invading Yemen.

Speaking on the occasion of commemoration of the September 26 Revolution of 1962, in which the Saudi-backed monarchy was overthrown and replaced by the Yemen Arab Republic, Sheikh Abu Rass criticized those who seek to cause division amongst the Yemeni people. He also stressed that the Republican Revolution is being severely threatened by the biggest conspiracy of hostile forces that Yemen has ever seen.

“You [Abrabbuh Mansur Hadi] are more like the one who brought the Mongols into Iraq,” the Chairman spoke to the assembled GPC members. “All the decisions you make are against the Yemeni People.”

Sheikh Abu Rass, who previously served as Minister of Agriculture in the National Salvation Government, also mocked the Saudi claims that Hadi is the “legitimate president” of Yemen, stating “Legitimacy does not mean the besieging of the people and the killing of children and women.”

Contrary to the pro-Saudi media claims that the Saudi coalition is fighting “the Houthis”, the government in Sana’a is actually composed of several political parties and organisations that support the principles of both the September 26 Revolution of 1962 and the September 21 Revolution of 2014. One of these members is the General People’s Congress fraction that is led by Sheikh Sadeq Ameen Abu Rass, who was elected as Chairman following the death of Ali Abdullah Saleh in December 2017.

The General People’s Congress is an Arab nationalist political party that was founded by former Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh in 1982, but has fractured into several factions as a result of the conflict.

One part of the party has sided with Saudi-backed puppet ruler Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi, and has been supporting the Saudi-led invasion of Yemen since March 2015. This group, which kept the name GPC, considers Hadi to be its chairman.

A major part of the GPC, however, supports the September 21 Revolution and has allied with Ansarullah (called “Houthis” in Western media) to form the National Salvation Government (NSG) as coalition partner in the Supreme Political Council. This faction was led by Saleh, despite him being an enemy of Ansarullah during his presidency from 1990 to 2011. After Saleh himself betrayed the NSG and subsequently died in battle in December 2017, the majority of his former followers denounced his treason and re-emphasized their loyalty to the NSG, electing Sheikh Abu Rass to the position of Chairman.

A small breakaway group led by Saleh’s son Ahmed Saleh defected to the side of the Saudi invaders, and has since maintained its own sovereign status as an armed mercenary group that also uses the name General People’s Congress, yet does not officially recognize the authority of Hadi.
To make things even more complicated, reports have it that Saleh’s nephew Tariq Afash, who commands his own private army of UAE-backed mercenaries, has also founded his own fraction of the General People’s Congress, bringing the total of separate pro-Saudi GPC groups to three.

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