Lack of media focus, discontent with the international community and a belief in anti-imperialism brought us here.

The Yemeni people finally gained their new independence on the 21st of September, 2014. A new revolutionary body were to lead the country for some time during a transitional period, and many people believed that this would finally put an end to the country’s miserable state, and the subjugation, mistreatment and exploitation by foreign and nabour countries.

But soon after, the Saudi Regime in the north felt so threatened, that they chose to militarily intervene, to put an end to these progressive aspirations that were looming amongst the Yemeni people. Operation “Decisive Storm” was initiated, and Sana’a – the Capital city of the Yemeni Republic – would in a matter of days be targeted by Saudi bombardments from the planes above, spreading terror and fear in the hearts and minds of men, women and children.


Of course, what would then follow, as a very reasonable response and reaction to this illegal aggression, the Yemeni people would form “People’s Committees” for voluntaries willing to fight against this threatening coalition. They would head out to the frontlines and participate and countless, numerous battles against the aggressors and imperialists, in a heroic effort to regain control of their own clay, and to re-establish peace, law and order on Yemeni soil. A mass mobilization process was initiated, and the Yemeni economy was revised to match the costs of what would become the biggest struggle of resistance unmatched by anything else on the Arabian Peninsula.


But because of the media-blackout on the Yemeni issue, and because of a predominantly-western narrative calling the yemeni efforts against aggression “terrorism”, we chose to put an end to this by establishing the Yemen Resistance Watch. We wish to show the world the efforts made by the Yemeni people on the frontlines against aggression, aswell as keeping track on potential civilian casualties as a result of indiscriminate bombardments by Saudi fighter jets. We are not a centralized organisation, but a collective of activists spread across the entire planet, writing from the same platform.

Aspirations & Ambitions

Through careful analysis, observation of the battlefronts and much more, our ambition is to provide professional media content for people interested in the Yemeni fight against aggression. We wish to provide the news in a way that will be easily understood by the average western individual. We seek to be a favoritized source when it comes to Yemen, and we can only strive for this goal by providing quality content constantly.

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