Infighting between Saudi command and UAE-backed militias resumes in Shabwah

SHABWAH – The third military zone belonging to the Saudi-led coalition in Ma’rib province has decided to not pay the salaries of soldiers of the Second Infantry Brigade, which is believed to be loyal to the UAE occupation force, sources familiar with the issue told Yemen Press Agency.


The move came after the brigade’s leadership refused orders of the third region command of the Saudi-led coalition, to attach two battalions of Ma’rib to the second major infantry brigade which is deployed in Shabwah province.


According to information received from the occupied province, the Second Infantry has handed over all its positions to the gunmen of Shabwanian Elite, a UAE-backed militia, in response to their lack of payment.


The commander and South Yemeni activist Nasser Al-Babkri confirmed to Shabwa Press that the militants of the brigade refused to surrender to the pressure and blackmail of the third military zone in Ma’rib.


The areas of the oil and gas pipelines and the oil production field in Shabwah are undergoing a situation of ongoing confrontations between the militants of the Islah party and the militias affiliated with the UAE occupation to control those areas.

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