International forces might strike Hadi’s regime forces in three Yemeni provinces

SANA’A – A leader in Southern movement, Sheikh Abdulqawi al-Harb, confirmed that the international forces will strike “ legitimacy” forces, including the so-called Giants brigades in three southern provinces under the pretext of terrorism.

“US, France, Britain and Russia accuse the Saudi-led coalition of backing terrorists in Yemen and will strike the so-called legitimacy forces in Marib, Shabwa and Hadramawt provinces under the slogan of fighting terrorism and the costs of war will be at the expense of the coalition countries,” the  advisor of the Minister of expatriates loyal the exiled Hadi government said in a tweet on Monday .

Al Harbi in a tweet, he raised several concerns: “What the US ambassador is doing in Marib?, Does he has a role in breaking forces loyal to the coalition in front of the “ Houthis “attacks?  or whether the world has stood against “ legitimacy  forces”  as all forces belonging to Islah  Party which is being accused of supporting terrorism?.”

He said that the “Houthis “ forces ( army and popular committees ) are 3 kilometers away from the government complex and the Republican Palace in Marib, confirming that military commanders belonging to the Islah party fled to Wadeiah outlet in large numbers.

He asked a question with an irony: “Where are the armies of the Yemeni “legitimacy”, which exceeds the hundred thousand soldiers?.”

It is worthy to say that both the US and its  Allies topped by Saudi Arabia and the UAE earlier this year announced their lists of terrorism and included the names of leaders fighting in the ranks of the coalition on many fronts, such as, Marib, Taiz and Hodeidah, as well as ministers in the exiled Hadi’s government.

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