Iran in Violation of Yemen’s Arms Embargo?

Are UN officials in cahoots with US/Saudi aggression on Yemen? Vilifying Iran points fingers away from parties responsible for nearly three years of devastating war, inflicting appalling suffering on millions of Yemenis.

A likely US arranged, yet to be published, UN report to the Security Council, claimed it “identified missile remnants, related military equipment and military unmanned aerial vehicles that are of Iranian origin and were introduced into Yemen after the imposition of the targeted arms embargo” imposed in 2015,” adding:

“As a result, the panel finds that the Islamic Republic of Iran is in non-compliance with paragraph 14 of (SC) resolution 2216.”

The report didn’t say Iran supplied missiles to Houthi fighters, instead claimed it failed to keep these weapons out of Yemen, an absurd accusation.

A previous article discussed Nikki Haley’s mid-December by invitation only press conference – using props lacking credibility, claiming evidence of missiles, conventional arms, and explosive boats of Iranian origin used by” Houthi fighters in Yemen.

Intensively vilifying the country is part of the Trump administration’s strategy, perhaps heading for direct confrontation.

War in Yemen was orchestrated in Washington under Obama. Trump continues it in cahoots with Saudi terror-bombing and genocidal blockade, controlling land, sea and air entries into the country.

The likelihood that Tehran delivered missiles and/or other weapons to Houthi fighters under tight blockade conditions is virtually nil.

Haley lied claiming otherwise, providing no credible evidence supporting her spurious accusations.

The new UN report has US fingerprints all over it, appearing as fabricated as Haley’s lack of credible evidence.

Lots of heavy weapons are used in waging naked aggression on Yemen, responsible for the world’s severest humanitarian disaster.

They’re supplied by Washington, Britain and their imperial allies. No credible evidence suggests Houthi fighters are provided with Iranian missiles or other weapons.

Tehran calls accusations “fabricated.” Yemeni missiles are homemade, not foreign supplied.

They’ve been fired numerous times against Saudi targets – retaliating against its terror-bombing.

In December, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif compared false accusations against his country to bogus Bush/Cheney administration claims about Iraqi WMDs in the run-up to their naked aggression on the country.

Does Trump have the same thing in mind for Iran?

(Article originally written by Stephen Lendman)

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