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Over 100 civilians killed during mercenary infighting in Taiz



SANA’A- Local residents in the old city of Taiz have reported on Thursday that the attack launched by the Islah militias has resulted in the death and injury of more than 100 citizens, mostly children and women. The attack was carried out under the pretext of an operation against militants of the Abu al-Abbas organisation.

The residents explained that Abu alAbbas militias barricaded themselves within the homes of civilians and faced the campaign launched by Islah militias (the branch of the Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen), with a counter-campaign using snipers and thermal rockets.

While civilians remained in their homes under the fire of the two sides and calling for help, no one seemed to be bothered about their fate, with reports saying that “artillery shells were falling on houses and their voices reverberating throughout the city.”

Since Thursday morning, the old city has been witnessing attacks to such an extent that stores have remained closed, which has further worsened the food and nutritional crisid that the people of the city have been suffering as a result of the blockade imposed by the coalition countries for over four years straight.

Other sources said that many residents of the old city were forced to flee to mosques as safe places, and its minarets launched calls for the rescuing of the civilians from they called the “storm owners”. This is a reference to Saudi-led invasion coalition, which has named its war on Yemen “Operation Decisive Storm”. However, while the loudspeakers were broadcasting these calls, shelling reportedly continued unabated.

As clashes between coalition rival militias increase, the health situation in the city is worsening, residents said.

“The situation is unbearable in the old city. There are wounded civilians, but there are no medical centers to receive them, and they are being rushed to homes or mosques,” one of local residents added.
According to sources, “the hospitals in Taiz City started evacuating the patients, and the majority of doctors and workers left their homes before neighborhoods and streets are closed after the fighting intensified in the east of the city.”

The governor of Taiz, appointed by the exiled Saudi-backed puppet president Hadi, has sent a memorandum to the commander of the so-called 35th Armoured Brigade and to Abu al-Abbas, commanding them to “hand over those who are wanted (extremists of Wahhabi militias) included in a list of the Police Director of Taiz province, and are suspected of assassinating security personnel.” It is unlikely however, that the UAE-backed armed militias will heed these calls.

Over the past two weeks, Taiz has been witnessing violent confrontations between Salafist militias led by Abu al-Abbas, and Islah party militias led by the city’s security forces, resulting in hundreds of families having been displaced from the city. Many have fled north towards Sana’a, territory ruled by the National Salvation Government of Yemen, seeking a safe place to stay.

Historian specializing in Arab history, Islamic studies and geopolitical analysis. Active in the anti-imperialist movement in Belgium



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Southern Front

Saudi invaders deploying more forces on Socotra island



Saudi Arabia has pushed military reinforcements to the Yemeni island of Socotra, local sources reported.

According to the sources, additional military reinforcements of the Saudi forces have arrived on the island of Socotra in the past two days.

Saudi forces’ increased presence on the island of Socotra comes following a severe crisis between officials of the Saudi-backed “government” and the United Arab Emirates.

The sources confirmed that the Saudi reinforcements consist of armoured vehicles, light weapons and ammunition meant for the Saudi forces, which are stationed at the airport and port of the island, an area which has been witnessing tension between Emiratis and their authorities.

It was not ruled out that the Saudis had also pushed in additional military personnel, along with the weapons that had reached the island of Socotra, according to observers.

In the past few days, separatist armed militias that are backed by the UAE occupation forces, took control of the gate of the port of Socotra for hours, before reinforcements from the Saudi-backed units drove them out.

Socotra is a UNESCO World Heritage site due to its unique ecosystem, and is considered extremely fragile. However, both Saudi and Emirati invaders have illegally positioned armed forces on the island as part of their occupation strategy.

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Southern Front

Well-known imam assassinated in Aden



Unknown gunmen have on Sunday assassinated an imam of a mosque in the southern port city of Aden, local sources reported.

According to the sources, gunmen in a car opened fire at Sheikh Ayman Baymin while he was getting out of his car near the Enmaa area in Mansoura district, killing him instantly.

Sheikh Ayman Baymin is a well-known social figure in Mansoura, one of the sources said.
It is believed that the gunmen belonging to militias funded by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) occupation forces.

Aden and other southern provinces, which under the control of the UAE and Saudi occupation forces, have been witnessing chaos amid conflict between UAE and Saudi Arabia over control of the Yemeni lands, islands and ports.

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Footage shows army forces attacking mercenaries positions in Dhalea



DHALEA – Military media of the Yemeni army on Tuesday released video footage shows army forces launching an offensive against Saudi-led coalition mercenaries in Dhalea province, southern Yemen.

The video showed the army forces attacking the mercenaries’ positions in Alazraq district.

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