In photos: Yemeni forces crush Al-Qaeda cell in Dhamar

SANA’A, YEMEN – Security forces of the revolutionary government have squashed a terrorist cell of Al-Qaeda fighters in the Dhamar Governorate, arresting its members.

The security information center of the Yemeni Interior Ministry told YemenPress that armed forces raided an Al-Qaeda sleeper cell on Monday, arresting all of the terrorists present. The operation comes after an intensive process of monitoring and police investigation.

The source added that, aside from large amounts of weaponry, military uniforms and military metal plates from the Yemeni Armed Forces were found, used by the terrorists to impersonate the army and hide their crimes. Only thanks to the vigilance of the security services and the cooperation of members of the community, the terrorist plot to conduct terrorist attacks in the province was foiled.

Al-Qaeda is very active in the areas of Yemen currently occupied by Saudi-led invasion forces, and in fact often cooperate with the Saudi military and its mercenaries in the war against Yemen. In the areas liberated by Ansarullah and allied forces however, Al-Qaeda has been mostly rooted out, reducing their activity to sleeper cells.

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