“Promises of Victory” Frontline Report – April 12th, 2018


  • Yemeni Rocketry Forces launches  Badr-1 Ballistic Missile on the industrial city of Jizan.
  • Succesful military operation on Saudi army positions in the village of Al-Lahaj.
  • Military source in Jizan: “Saudi soldiers confirmed dead and wounded during military operation on positions in Al-Lahaj and central Mahawla.
  • Artillery targeted a group of Saudi soldiers in Mahawla and Central Atma.
  • Vehicle destroyed and its crew confirmed dead following an artillery bombardment targeting the positions and fortifications of mercenaries in the port of Al-Tawal.


  • Saudi Army and Mercenary advance was repelled at the military site of Al-Sudais.
  • Military source: “Saudi soldiers and mercenaries confirmed dead and wounded following the failed advance attempt at Al-Sudais”.
  • Military source: “The failed advance attempt was receiving extensive air support, but saw no progress at all”.
  • Group of Saudi Army and Mercenaries was targeted heavily with Artillery shelling near the Al-Hadhra pass, north of the Saudi-Yemeni border.


  • Katyusha rockets launched, targeting Saudi artillery positions behind Qa’amat Al-Shaikh.
  • Saudi Soldiers and Mercenaries targeted by artillery shelling near the Alab Pass, north of the Saudi-Yemeni border


The following Saudi soldiers and Mercenaries are confirmed killed aswell:
1. Colonel Ali Abdullah Al-Saidi
2. Jarullah Abdrabbuh Ahmad Al-Ahraq
3. Ali Abdullah Al-Sajil Al-Saidi
4. Colonel Mohammed Ahmad Al-Sandhouh Al-Mashdali – Commander of the Third Battalion of the 117th Brigade
5. Nasser Mohammed Nasser Al-Habij Al-Hmeikani
6. Mohammad Musa Al-Thabati
7. Abdulhaq Al-Qutaibi
8. Amer Massad Belghith
9. Haytha Dughmah Al-Thabati


  • Operation deemed succesful by the hands of the Army and the Popular Committees – Many Mercenaries confirmed dead.
  • Military source: “6 military vehicles of the Mercenary forces destroyed on the Southern Front, West Coast.
  • 3 Mercenary soldiers confirmed killed by Yemeni Sniper Units on the Southern Front, West Coast”


  • 1 Mercenary confirmed killed by Yemeni Sniper Units.
  • Dozen Mercenary forces confirmed killed in succesful operations by the Army and Popular Committees


  • 3 Mercenary soldiers confirmed dead by Yemeni Sniper Units on the Ham frontline.
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