Report: 2 Yemeni civilians murdered in 19+ Saudi aggression airstrikes, attacks on Yemen over Friday

Two civilians (including a child) were killed and another injured in more than 19 US-baked Saudi aggression airstrikes and ground attacks on Yemeni provinces over the last 24 hours, according to report combined by Saba on Saturday.

In northern province of Saada, the child, Yahya Moaidh, died of wounds sustained by Saudi airstrikes which targeted his house on Teshdan area of Ghamer district, while civilian was killed and another injured by the fire of enemy Saudi border guards in Raqw area of Munabeh border district.

Also in Saada, the aggression warplanes launched two strikes on Bani-Moath area of Sehar district, an airstrike on civilian’s house in Baqem district, and another airstrike hit Baqea area of Kutaf district.

Meanwhile, artillery and missile force of the Saudi enemy shelled several areas of Munabeh and Shadda border districts, causing heavy damage to civilians’ houses and properties.

In Dhamar province, some 130 Km south of capital Sanaa, three airstrikes were launched on the stadium sports in Dhamar city, causing the destruction of its stands and sports clubs.

Also, two air raids were carried out on the Central Security Forces camp in the customs neighborhood, causing heavy damage to the houses of the neighboring citizens.

The air aggression also waged two raids on military police camp in Dhamar-alGarn, and three airstrikes hit Industrial Technical Institute in Thi-sehr area of Ans district, causing the destruction of workshops, laboratories and halls of the Institute.

In addition, the fighter jets launched five airstrikes on Samh camp of Ans district.

In central province of Taiz province, the warplane waged a strike south of Khaled camp of Moazea district.

In border province of Jizan, apache helicopters waged numbers of rockets on Khafaqa site.

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