Saudi intelligence bans south Yemeni mercenaries from returning home

ADEN- The commander of the so-called “Thunderbolt Brigade” of Saudi army mercenaries in Najran province has revealed that the people of the southern Yemeni provinces can return to their areas only with the permission from Saudi intelligence.

Brigadier Abdullah Mohsen Ahmed al-Dabbi, commander of the Brigade formed mostly from southern provinces people said that his forces suffered huge losses by the Yemeni army in Najran.

The task of this Brigade is to defend Saudi territory and to confront the army in the front of the border.

He explained that the Saudi army’s bid for its forces pushed them to join other forces trained in Najran to be sent to defend the Saudi border, according to the site “Aden al-Ghad”.

Al-Dabbi called on Saudi-backed puppet president Hadi to bring the southern provinces’ fighter back to the city of Aden and join his “Ministry of Defence”, as promised.

The officers and militants of the southern provinces are not allowed to return to the city of Aden, except under the guidance of the Saudi intelligence service, which prevents them from returning to visit their families and relatives.

Abdullah Mohsen al-Dabbi was the head of operations of the so-called “Salman Al Hazm” Battalion in the city of Aden.

Many separatist forces from southern Yemen have joined the Saudi-led invaders as mercenaries since 2015, but have often been faced with discrimination and abuse at the hand of their new Saudi masters.

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