Southern brigade refuse orders from Tariq Afash

HODEIDAH – The commander of the so-called Sixth Brigade loyal to the Saudi-led coalition in the West Coast front, Abu Dhiab al-Subihai, has refused to move his forces to the Durihami Front, familiar sources with the issue told Yemen Press Agency on Sunday.

According to the sources, a dangerous scheme led by Saudi-backed mercenary leader Tariq Afash, aimed at removing the commander of the Sixth Brigade and dividing his forces to the brigades of Afash has failed, mainly because most of these troops are from the southern provinces.

The source explained that orders were given to the Sixth Brigade, located at the Abu Musa al-Ashari camp in Al-Khokha city, to transfer the brigade to Durihami, but that commander Abu Dhiab refused and demanded full payment of his troops for the last two months before moving.

According to al-Subihai, he demanded the reformation of his forces into one battalion together with another southern brigade, without dispersing them to the hands of Tariq Afash. When these demands were not met, the Sixth Brigade announced its refusal to move from their positions

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