Sudanese mercenaries protest against attacks by UAE forces

HODEIDAH – A number of Sudanese invading troops have withdrawn from combat positions on the West Coast of Yemen on Friday, in protest against the killing of six of its members by Yemeni mercenaries hired by the invading Emiratis. This was confirmed by a military source to Yemen Press Agency.


According to the official, at least 20 military pick-ups and buses loaded with Sudanese soldiers had announced their withdrawal from fighting positions in Durihami district and other areas on the West Coast, and were heading north of the coastal city of Khokha.


Six Sudanese soldiers were recently being killed by armed militias affiliated with Emirati-funded factions. No further details were given about the background of their deaths, he said.


The Sudanese troops hired by Saudi Arabia to fight on the west coast of Yemen announced that they would withdraw and depart for Aden.


However, it is reported that forces of the so-called Giants Brigades, formed by al-Qaeda operatives and ISIS members, as well as militias belonging to the warlord Tariq Afash, both funded by the UAE, have intercepted the Sudanese forces and imposed a siege on them from various directions in Sahat Aleurud north of the city of al-Khokha.


Tariq Afash and the leaders of the so-called Giants’ Brigades have imposed a blockade on the Sudanese troops and prevented them from continuing their withdrawal, fearing that they would agitate an armed conflict with groups of Yemeni militias hired by the United Arab Emirates to avenge the death of the six Sudanese soldiers.

According to local sources in al-Khokha city, scores of Sudanese mercenaries are now demonstrating and chanting various slogans in the north of al-Khokha square expressing their rejection of the humiliation, siege and restriction of their freedom of movement.


The Sudanese furthermore demand the lifting of the armed blockade and permission for them to reach Aden and return to their homeland of Sudan.


Despite the fact that the Sudanese mercenaries are technically fighting on the same side of the UAE forces, against the National Salvation Government of Yemen, there have been multiple reports of racism, discrimination and even violence against the Africans from both the Saudis and Emiratis.

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Freelance journalist from Yemen. English editor at Yemen Press Agency & Al-Thawra Net.

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