The YRW needs your help, here’s why

Here at the YRW, we strive to deliver the content you want to see in your feed, your inbox and wherever you may be following us. But content takes time to make. It takes time to edit, and it takes time to polish and publish. The same goes for articles.

We spend a lot of time digging up information that has a certain value for our work. We strive to deliver the best content regarding the “untold” side of the war against Yemen. But to do this effectively, we are reaching out to you. Here’s the deal; We need funds. We are not forcing anyone to give us every penny in the world, but that’s just how it is. We need a stable economy going to run this site effectively. We want a user-driven economy, run by you. What does this mean? 2. things:

  1. We don’t run ads. Ever. And we have no intention to do so (only as absolute last resort).
  2. We don’t have sponsors.

What does this mean? In short, we are humbly asking our readers and our followers to consider donating just a single dollar. Either one-time fees or monthly. Every dollar helps tremendously with the stuff we do, and the stuff we love to do.

There are two ways to donate. For one-time donations, fill out the form below. For monthly donations, visit our Patreon account. Please note that all funds donated to YRW is totally non-profit. Every penny is used to fund the project only.

We thank you all for supporting us in our work. And we could not be more grateful than we are.

Rune Agerhus
Founder, Executive Director
Yemen Resistance Watch


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