UAE occupation subjects citizens to brutal torture in Abyan

ABYAN- A local source has reported that two Yemeni citizens were brutally tortured in the prison of Hasn Eatia, located in the Khanfar district of Abyan province.

Sheikh Saleh al-Khazami has said that a militia commander in the so-called Security Belt mercenary force, which is loyal to the UAE occupation forces, kidnapped 2 citizens, Omar Kassem and Mohsen Ahmed Ayadi.

“The two were brutally tortured based on unproven charges,” he added. Al-Khazami noted that the detainees were subjected to humanitarian violations and crimes.

Sheikh al-Khazami called on all officials of the exiled Hadi government and humanitarian organizations to save the lives of prisoners and to intervene by transferring prisoners to nearby hospitals for treatment.

He further warned against ignoring the violations and crimes of the UAE occupation against citizens and residents in the southern region of Yemen.

About The Author

Freelance journalist from Yemen. English editor at Yemen Press Agency & Al-Thawra Net.

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