UAE uses police dogs to torture detainees in secret prisons in Aden

ADEN – A leader in the so-called “southern resistance” has revealed a police dog called “Shakira” used to torture Yemeni detainees in the UAE-run secret prisons in the city of Aden, southern Yemen. This was confirmed by Yemen Press Agency.

“The UAE occupation officers released Shakira towards some detainees after taking off their clothes,” Adel al-Hassani said in an interview with Bilqees Satellite Channel on Monday.

He added that “the dog (Shakira) had bitten thighs, legs, arms and genitals of some detainees while they were shackled.”

The UAE occupation uses Shakira as part of a series of methods and types of brutal torture against detainees.

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Freelance journalist from Yemen. English editor at Yemen Press Agency & Al-Thawra Net.

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