What is the world waiting for to stop this war?

SANA’A – A political settlement through a comprehensive dialogue between Yemenis is still the only way to compromise the disputes and get a solution to conflict plaguing Yemen.

The facts on the ground suppose more than ever the need to go forward aggressively on this matter. War can’t solve the problem. The Saudi-led coalition must know that and know that Yemenis will not give up their rights to determine their fate and live the true meaning of life.

As a matter of fact, Saudi Arabia and its allies committed a shameful action when they launched this war against the Middle East’s poorest country, Yemen.

Today, activists all over the world condemn this war which has just created the largest humanitarian crisis in the world. The Saudi-led coalition war, backed by the United States and the United Kingdom, has not given peace to Yemeni people.

It caused a humanitarian tragedy, it has devastated the already-weak infrastructure, targeted everything and everywhere without even discriminating between civilian and military places in flagrant violation of the principles of international humanitarian law that prohibits indiscriminate attacks and requires civilians to be protected in times of war and conflict.

Four years of killing, devastation and a strangling blockade and nearly four years of bombardments have resulted in massive civilian casualties, killed, injured and displaced tens of thousands of people, the majority of whom are civilians.

Four years of restrictions prevented flow of food and products has created the world’s largest food security emergency according to the UN, and has left millions on the brink of starvation, plunged the economy into crisis, and led to an epidemic cholera and outbreaks of diphtheria and to one of the worst humanitarian crises in modern history.

Four years of suffering of Yemeni people from difficult living condition which worsens day in and day out. Under such current situation many families are struggling to make ends meet.

In light all of that, the first step must now be to stop the bloodshed in the country. The situation in Yemen is very serious in the full sense of the word. If the war continues, it will mean the situation can get worse, which will mean more pain for the people of Yemen.

Today, we may be within walking distance of a new round of negotiations or deliberation, and there, we must not forget that Yemen can not wait any longer to get ways to build peace in Yemen, arrive at a compromise and reach a lasting and comprehensive political settlement.

For its part, the UN has not yet taken any effective measures to halt this humanitarian tragedy. It must bear its responsibility, and likewise the international community has a moral obligation to stop this horrific war.

The bottom line is that this tragic war in Yemen has to stop by all means possible: for the sake of people, it has to stop in one way or another if we want this unprecedented humanitarian crisis to end.

By Wadeea Al-absi

About The Author

Freelance journalist from Yemen. English editor at Yemen Press Agency & Al-Thawra Net.

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