Yemeni army beats back Saudi attack in Hodeidah, killing 40

SANA’A – The Armed Forces of Yemen have defeated yet another Saudi-led attack in the south of Hodeidah province, driving the invading forces back with heavy losses.

According to military spokesperson Brigadier Yahya Sarie, a Saudi attack in the south and east of Hodeidah, targeting the Kilo 16 and airport areas, was beaten back by the defenders of Yemen. Brigadier Sarie furthermore stated that at least 40 invading troops were killed and 60 wounded during the clash, and confirmed that the Saudi s were unable to make any progress.

Also according to the military spokesman, the Saudi Air Force engaged in blind attacks during the confrontations, even ending up bombing their own mercenary forces. Sarei confirmed that several mercenaries, mostly working for the Tariq Afash or Giants’ Brigades mercenary gangs, were killed by Saudi friendly fire.

Brigadier Yahya Sarie concluded his report by stating that the drone and artillery forces from the Yemeni army have engaged in long-distance shelling of invader forces near the Kilo 16 area.

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Historian specializing in Arab history, Islamic studies and geopolitical analysis. Active in the anti-imperialist movement in Belgium

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