Yemeni intelligence penetrates US Pentagon infiltrators

SANA’A – Al-Masirah TV has revealed important information based on the Yemeni intelligence agency about a group of the US officers who work in the military operations rooms of the Saudi-led aggression, supervising the direct management of the war against Yemen.

The channel said it had received important information and precise details from the Yemeni intelligence, about the identities of a group of US officers, as well as precise details of their daily lives.

In its first report, Al-Masirah highlighted that an officer named Alexander Flag, born on August 5, 1989 and graduated from the Marion Military Institute after studying as an undergraduate in art and history from the University of Wisconsin, is active in Yemen as part of the illegal US intervention there.

According to the information, US Officer Alexander Flag is the commander of an artillery unit in the National Guard of the State of Wisconsin. He holds the rank of Colonel and is a senior member of command of the 157th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade.

Furthermore, Flag serves as a trainer for the military academy in the state of Wisconsin and as the Foreign Affairs coordinator in the military there.

The revelations are a severe blow to the secretive infiltration of US military personnel in the Republic of Yemen, and show the extent of US support for the genocidal Saudi-led war.

About The Author

Freelance journalist from Yemen. English editor at Yemen Press Agency & Al-Thawra Net.

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