Yemen’s scholars renew rejection of US-Saudi aggression

SANA’A – Yemen’s scholars on Sunday renewed their rejection of the US-backed Saudi-led coalition’s aggression and its crimes against Yemeni people for nearly four years.

“The real beneficiaries of the war are only Jews and Christians, who supply weapons to Muslim countries and loot their money and wealth,” said Shams al-Din Sharaf al-Din, grand mufti of Yemen and head of Yemen Scholars Association, during a meeting held in the capital Sanaa under the title “Yemeni scholars’ position on normalization and escalation in Palestine and Yemen.”

In his speech, Sharaf al-Din stressed that scholars and preachers should do their duty to guide people and enhance their awareness about the enemy’s schemes and its plots against the nation, according to YPA.

“For the fourth year, we suffer from blood shedding in Yemen, and everyone knows that Saudi Arabia and the UAE backed by arrogant countries are only interested in driving the country into a conflict of no way out,” he said.

In the meeting, the scholars’ speeches emphasized the steadfastness and the need for supporting the fronts with money, arms and fighters to defend the homeland and its security and stability.

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