YMU calls on Int’l community to work on ending aggression on Yemen

SANAA –  The Yemeni Media Union (YMU) on Thursday called on the international community to work, in a serious manner, on stopping the aggression and lift the all-out blockade imposed on Yemen immediately.

In its statement on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day, the Union called on the people of the free world to show wide-ranging solidarity with the Yemeni media, who have been usbject to violations by the Saudi-led coalition.

The statement renewed the call for the formation of an international commission of inquiry to look into the coalition’s crimes and violations against media in Yemen.

The statement pointed out, that over the course of three years of war, the Saudi-led Coalition have killed 180 people associated with media work, destroyed some 22 media facilities and targeted 30 radio and television centers.

The Statement further noted that the economic crisis resulting from the aggression led to the closure of many newspapers, the displacement of hundreds of media workers and interruption of salaries to thousands of employees in government media institutions.

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