YRW is participating in International Anti-Fascist Conference

The YRW organisation is participating in the upcoming International Anti-Fascist Conference to be held in the city of Lugansk, situated in the Donbass area of Eastern Ukraine.

Ukraine itself has been oppressing the people of Donbass for many years now. The people of Donbass’ only wish is to live in peace and prosperity, without foreign interference or aggression. The Ukrainian regime, with economical and political support from the United Kingdom, United States and the European Union, has swarmed Donbass with hordes of fanatic extremist terrorists, in an attempt to make Donbass kneel in agony. But despite their multiple attempts at this, it has not been successful at all, and the people of Donbass are still resisting till this day.

We stand in full solidarity with the people of Donbass, who are subject to extreme state-terrorism and aggression by the very same imperialists currently funding the aggression against Yemen.

International solidarity despite political affiliation or borders is important for the betterment of relations between causes of justice.

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Editor-in-Chief at Uprising Today. Political analyst and frontline observer.

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